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The concert was extraordinary, a sellout… Peter’s charm, with and talent carry the show very effectively. Our audience, primarily a classical audience, responded with genuine and passionate enthusiasm… Peter is a true artist, focused on his performance and relates to the audience in a remarkably personal manner. His  voice is clear and strong, with character, and his presence is palpable. He is a performer in the best sense of the word. We recommend him very highly.”
-Chris Blake (Executive Director Music Niagara Festival)

Peter Oyloe is in every way the visual as well as the vocal embodiment of Hank Williams. His voice, both in words and song, channels one of the greatest stars of the Grand Old Opry. I especially loved Peter’s ability to engage with a very diverse audience as well as his evident connection with his remarkable fiddler, bassist and steel player… The audience’s standing ovation was a clear indication of a unanimous A+.”
-Peg Lee Ph.D (Professor Oakton Community College)

As Williams, Peter Oyloe sings like gangbusters.”
-Time Out Chicago

“…For Oyloe, it’s through craft. He’s so comfortable inside Williams’ cowboy boots that his performance will undoubtedly become the way many imagine the late singer, who died just before TV made Elvis’ hips and The Beatles’ bopping hair a visual cultural touchstone.”

“flawless in his performance atching him (Peter Oyloe) made you feel as if Hank was truly there on the stage in front of your very eyes.”
-Behind the Curtian Cincinnati

“Peter Oyloe and his band bring legend Hank Williams’ music alive. The Hank Band are classic country gold. Memorable and entertaining!”
-Fred and Carol L.

“Peter Oyloe, whose knockout interpretation of Hank Williams is about as good as it gets… captures the vitality and vulnerability of a young entertainer who was not quite ready for the rigors of stardom, but he’s also solid at replicating the Hank Williams style, right down to those classic yodels. Even for Yankee theatergoers at Owasco Lake, hillbilly music never sounded this authentic.”
-Syracuse New Times

“But the show, as it should, belongs to Peter Oyloe. He’s as comfortable in the singer’s persona as he is in his brown cowboy boots. He’s got the musician’s lankiness and mannerisms and, most importantly, the voice to handle a concert slate of songs.”
–Knoxville News Sentinel

“…all masterfully performed by the amazing talent that is actor and singer Peter Oyloe. Oyloe embodies every aspect of the man Williams was, including the dark moments of the life and career that ended far too soon.”
-Phil Potempa (NWI Times)

“…anchored by a beautifully-wrought, dazzling star performance from Peter Oyloe, who I consider to be one of Chicago’s most interesting and talented young actors. Oyloe submerges himself in Hank Williams, and nicely calibrates the insecure boy within the musical superstar grappling with demons. And he sings marvelously and generously… clearly communicating the singer’s passion and commitment to the emotions both conjured by and contained in his music.”
-Francis Sadec (From the Ledge)

“Oyloe captures the lost man-child at the heart of “Lost Highway.” Oh, and he can sing the hell out of the material. He’s quite simply the best reason to see this show… Oyloe’s performance in this “Lost Highway” is pure classic Cadillac.”
-Chicago Tribune

“Peter Oyloe fills his [Hank] boots completely, conveying both the womanizing wiles and the paranoid chills that defined this complex crooner. Every one of these two dozen numbers is a winner…”
-Chicago Stage Style

“The show hinges on Peter Oyloe who plays Hank Williams. Oyloe doesn’t disappoint. He gives and amazingly truthful tour de force performance. Peter Oyloe demonstrates his vocal range as he channels Hank Williams’ style, twang and yodel included. His strong voice contains all the angst and heartfelt emotion that Williams’ songs contained.”
-Chicago Critic

“This is also Peter Oyloe’s star-turning inhabitation (not an imitation) of the legend, bringing each number to life with the help of an Opry-worthy band of cowboys… Able to yodel and warble with the best of the troubled troubadours, Oyloe’s heartbreaking renditions of the classics “I’m So Lonesome I Could” and “Your Cheatin’ Heart” to the toe-tappers “Jamalaya” and “I Saw the Light” are brimming with the true grit of authenticity this show demands.”
-Chicago Theater Beat

“…As Williams, Peter Oyloe brings the entire package: he can sing, he can play, and he can act… With his trusty band at his side, Oyloe reels off song after song straight to the audience, with all the quiet swagger of a real rock and roller.”
-Centerstage Chicago

“Many Chicago audience members have been lucky enough to see Peter Oyloe and I must tell you that this young man takes on the persona of Hank Williams, yet doesn’t try to imitate him in any way. So strong is his interpretation of the man, you forget that he is an actor playing a role, but rather feel that you are in a time machine that has taken you back to where you can watch the events of his growth in the industry and how he destroyed himself every chance he had.”
-Around the Town Chicago